Seriously, Stop It!

I didn’t ” win” a client last week. A training client. Instead of learning with me, they’ve gone elsewhere. Shock,... View Article



I have a logo rant, its quite long and poorly punctuated I’m quite out there on this one, I know... View Article



I adore the word serendipity. It was drummed into me by my life drawing teacher. Just make the most of... View Article

cafe vita

I blogged this a LONG time ago, but the story is so relevant that I’ve brought it back to life... View Article

My Idol

I have a couple of idols, but at the moment my absolute master is Francis Mallman Not tremendously known over... View Article

Getting out

It’s so important to get out and get lost now and then We tend to stick to routines and don’t... View Article

2 Minute Toast!

Sick of boring vlogs and videos of so called business experts telling you what to do? Well, here is another... View Article

Soul Warming

It’s a while since I last connected with my arty soul. I think most web designers went through the system... View Article


A sad day over the world as a legend left us. I’m not qualified enough in any capacity to write... View Article