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I came across MyHelpster on Twitter, answering a tweet for feedback on their service. I had a look at the website, their social media accounts and thought ” hmm, I quite like this!”. So, an exchange of emails later between myself and co-founder/CMO Felix and I began to think ” I actually REALLY like this!”

MyHelpster is offering one to-one online help on a variety of applications; MS Word, Excel,Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher,Access, Open Office, Google Docs, IWork are all on the list at the moment, with many more planned. So if you have a problem with Excel, just what do you do? Well, of course you can Google away, or try and find some sort of online help document until you’ve driven yourself around the bend and still, an hour later have no solution. How about speaking to a human for a minimum fee of £ 0.99? You then, after they solve the problem, decide how much to pay. Yes, you the consumer decide how to much to pay based on your experience. Nice hey?

So, you decide how much to pay (other than the £0.99 fixed fee) and you decide when MyHelpster call you back. The problem can be solved over the phone or you can screen share or they can remotely access your computer. This is all done securely via OmniJoin.

As a freelancer, I can see myself using MyHelpster when they expand to WordPress, which I understand is coming soon. MyHelpster is ideal for freelancers as well as anyone else that doesn’t have the benefit of an IT Support team behind them.

MyHelpster is a UK Start-Up, based in Manchester so this appeals to me also. We should be getting behind our entrepreneurs. Manchester is an incredible city too with a growing tech start-up fraternity. I find it really exciting and that’s why I’m writing this blog post. MyHelpster are not paying me for this, I’m just into the idea and I’m supporting them 100%. Go MyHelpster!

So, don’t struggle with an MS Office problem again. Give MyHelpster a go. Find out a bit more here:

MyHelpster - How it works from MyHelpster on Vimeo.