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Based near Manchester, I work with small to medium businesses, helping them to reach their audience through social media.

There are hundreds of social media agencies. There is probably one right next door to you right now. They will happily take your £99 and schedule you some rather plain and grey content which will then get pushed out to social networks.

This content will just get sucked up by the internet, having no impact and reaching nobody…

I take a much more personal approach. I can train you and your staff and work with you to generate social strategies that work. If you haven’t got the time or resource then I can manage your social media for you and I do this for a number of lovely clients across the UK and beyond.

I also create and manage paid social advertising, such as Facebook ads.

Call me, email me, let’s have a chat and talk through the options available to you.

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Questions Asked Rather Frequently

Are you better than an agency?

It all depends on your budget. If you have a four-figure monthly budget I believe an agency will be able to deliver positive results. Any agency charging less than this will simply not be able to afford to create you compelling content after paying all their overheads.

Can you get me followers?

I believe it's not really about the number of followers, it's about the quality of the followers. 30 People really interested in your brand is far better than 10,000 bought followers from India!

How much do you chrage?

This really depends on what you need. My training sessions start from £99 for 2 hours, one-to-one. I also offer management packages from £150 per month. If you’d like me to help you with Facebook Advertising, contact me to chat through your options.

How long does it take?

My training sessions are normally half a day. If you are asking how long it takes for a social campaign to take effect - in some cases right away! There’s no guarantees - and if a social media agency tells you that there are, they’re fibbing!

Can we meet?

We certainly can! I am fully mobile and am the world’s best map reader! I can get anywhere you need me.

Can you help me with x....

Very likely. Whilst I don’t advertise any other services I can help put you in touch with some wonderful designers, SEO experts, web designers and printers!

What's the deal with the toast?

Who doesn’t love toast!? There is a story to my name and I’m happy to share it with you over a coffee and some toast?….. maybe stop with the toast…..

I’ve worked with CSS, award-winning child safety experts for some time. I create content for and manage their social media accounts and also provide general PR support. Recent achievements include regular appearances in local and national press: including The Huffington Post and Mirror, a viral Facebook post (almost 1 million views and counting) and tv and radio appearances.

I manage the social media presence and Facebook advertising for a family business, based in Spain. Through Facebook advertising, which I manage entirely for them, we have opened-up an entirely new demographic of clients and are selling-out holidays.

Get in touch...

You may hate me, you may adore me. We may be on different pages or we may be on the perfect same page of the same book in the library...The only way we'll know is by starting the conversation.

Fire me down a quick enquiry or give me a bell, we'll have a chat or we can arrange a meeting, we'll have trendy coffee. I'll work on some FREE ideas for you and we'll see how things go!

Thank you so much for considering me for your project, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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